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How we help parents. Hands2

How we help parents

If your child flies off the handle for no apparent reason, becomes withdrawn or is simply disruptive it can be an indication there is something deeper going on.
This behaviour is usually easy to resolve but can be hard for parents to do themselves because they are emotionally involved.
Lysbeth has developed a programme to enable both parents and their children to quickly sort out a solution and restore balance in the family.
If you want to get back to a harmonious life again a conversation with Lys will give you a clear path to achieve that end.

My Top Tips for parents are:

1. Avoid criticising your child in front of his friends or siblings.
2. If your child is telling you about his problem you don't need to “make it better.” Most of the time you only need to listen so your child feels heard.
3. Be sure not to invade your child's privacy by coming into his or her room without knocking, listening in to their phone calls, or reading their personal emails or texts.
4. Older siblings who are quite close in age value a separate bedtime even if it is 15 minutes or so. It means valuable 1 to 1 time with their parent.
5. Try not to make arrangements on their behalf.
6. Criticise your child's behaviour not your child.
7. Let your child feel they have control over their situation by allowing them to make choices as often as possible.
8. Don't say yes to all your child's demands. A child needs boundaries and respects them. They respect you for putting them in place and will not love you any less.
9. Avoid discussing your child's private issues with family members or your friends.
10. If your child is bright, not making progress in school as you would expect and becoming upset and frustrated consider having them tested for dyslexia. I see several teenagers who haven't been diagnosed at primary school because they have compensated.

"My son had been bullied for 2 years. He was depressed and eventually he was refusing to go to school. I was angry and frustrated that they were not dealing with the situation. Lysbeth empowered me to set up a meeting with the Head. She came to the meeting with me and my son. The bullying has now stopped as the offenders have been dealt with. I now have my son back as Lys has helped to restore his confidence. He now strides into school with his head head high armed with the anti bullying strategies she has given him."
Mother of 14 year old boy.

"I was feeling desperate. My daughter was having frequent quite alarming outbursts of anger which were quite frightening for both of us. In between times she was delightful and remorseful but I had no idea how to help her with her rage. After 3 sessions with Lysbeth my daughter's anger has completely disappeared. I am delighted." mother of 13 year old girl.

"My son was showing signs of resisting going to school because of all the other "annoying" people. My son is happy again now. if he does have issues with other children he has the mechanism to deal with it. A different child came home from school the Monday after he had met Lys. Lys was able to do what I couldn't. My son's life is so much better now." Mother of 12 year old boy.

"My daughter was having eating problems. I was referred to Lys by her school. After a short period a change for the better became obvious. My daughter has passed through an awkward stage of her life with the minimum of difficulty. I would personally recommend Lys's assistance and advice to any parent or child." Father of 16 year old girl.

"A line of communication has been opened up that we didn't even know was missing. My son will now ask for attention rather than demand it with negative behaviour. It is lovely to see his confidence grow." Mother of 7 year old boy.

"My son was very angry hurt and upset about his father's death. He couldn't express it and was being aggressive towards me. As a result of the counselling I now have a calmer happier son who can smile again. He argues less and talks more. The whole family now has a calmer happier feel to it." Jane from Sidcup. Mother of 10 year old boy.

I also teach French conversation so if your child is unwilling to see a counsellor I find that I can reach them through language sessions which focus on building confidence. Parents find it easier to suggest to their child they have French tuition rather than see a Counsellor. Teaching languages is largely enabling children to believe in themselves and building their self-esteem. During the sessions a relationship develops which can help to deal with underlying issues.

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