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How we help young people. Children

How we help young people

  • As children grow up they inevitably go through a number of changes in behaviour. However there are a few common behaviours that are an indication of an underlying issue. For example: bedwetting, sleep problems, suddenly failing at school or a change of eating pattern. There is normally a reason why your child is exhibiting these behaviours but it can be hard for a parent to unearth.

  • The cause can be bullying, phobias or even depression. Lys has developed a series of techniques that can quickly get to the root of why this is happening. She also provides solutions that can be implemented immediately. These techniques work across a whole spectrum of behavioural problems and will restore peace and harmony in the family.

    To protect the identity of my clients I have changed the names in the testimonials below but they are happy to be contacted.

    "While I was at school I mainly achieved good exam results despite being dyslexic. When I was at uni all that changed when I had to write dissertations. It was such a different level that I started to panic at the very thought of just the planning part. When my anxiety spread into other areas of my life I decided it was time to seek help. Lys taught me how to relax and take control of my anxiety so I was able to stay calm and achieve results I was really proud of." 19 year old student.
    “My son had a vomiting phobia. If any one said they felt a bit sick or there was any chance he might be sick he became extremely anxious. After 3 sessions with Lys which he described as fun his phobia had disappeared and I have my happy go lucky son back. I was delighted how little time it took to resolve the problem.”
    Jenny from Tunbridge Wells. Mother of ten year old boy.

    “My son was having frequent nightmares, bedwetting and had developed nervous tics. We had no idea what the cause was. Lys managed to get straight to the root of what was wrong and provided strategies to erase all the above problems. We are so grateful for the advice and support you have offered us. It has been inspirational to spend time in your company.”
    Sarah from West Malling. Mother of 6 year old boy.

    “My 14 year old daughter was refusing to go to school. On the rare occasion she did go she would have an anxiety attack on the train She was clearly not being bullied. After 4 sessions she was back in school.
    I can't thank you enough Lys. You achieved so much in such a short space of time. My daughter really enjoyed the sessions. You have given her so many positive thoughts and more confidence. It's wonderful to hear her singing round the house.”
    Fiona from Tonbridge

    "My two young boys were caught up in a divorce. They were confused, angry and upset. Lys was SO child friendly the boys didn't feel they were being counselled but were talking to friendly adult who understood. The help Lys gave was invaluable and has stood us in good stead for the future." Rachel from Sidcup.

    Robert's Mum called me to say her 15 year old son had become a "demon" overnight. He was behaving totally unreasonably and punishments were having no effect whatever. She was convinced his behaviour was due to hormone changes. As I gained his confidence Robert confided tearfully that he was being bullied at school but he had tried to keep it from his family. He agreed we should explain to his mum what was happening and tell her about the pain he was going through. In my session with Robert's mum I explained that his behaviour was entirely a reaction to the bullying and that sanctions were making things worse. Once Robert realised he had the support and understanding of his mum the situation resolved completely. " I've now got my son back" she said with relief.

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