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Names and details have been changed to protect identity.

Case History 1, Trauma - CAROLINE'S STORY
She had been too scared to drive for several year after an accident. After one session with Lys she was back behind the wheel.
Caroline had been out driving with two friends. They had turned round a sharp corner on a wet road which caused the car to turn over and slither down a bank. The girls escaped but the car caught fire shortly afterwards which was very traumatic for them. Caroline was too upset to drive again. A detraumatising technique was used which was so successful that after one session she was back behind the wheel. Caroline felt so relaxed that we mentally rehearsed her 1st job interview which was to take place the following day. She called at the end of the week to say she was offered the job on the spot! "This is the first time I've learnt how to really relax" she said. "I felt so calm in the interview I know that's why I performed really well."

Case history 2, Anxiety - DANIEL'S STORY

8 year old Daniel came to me because he was experiencing anxiety in many different situations. I taught him some very simple relaxation and visualisation techniques.
After 4 sessions he wrote " Lys has helped me a lot. Now when I feel anxious (which isn't nearly so much) I make what I'm worrying about go away by using the strategies Lys taught me. When I first visited Lys I was a bit anxious but by the end of the hour I felt relaxed.Thank you for helping me Lys and for all our "high 5's" from Daniel.

Case history 3, bullying - MARIA'S STORY

Maria age 12 had been bullied for nearly a year by a girl in her class. It had got so bad that she was having nightmares and self harming. The situation was badly affecting the whole family. Mum was desperate. After one session they returned overjoyed that the bullying had stopped.

Maria came in the door with rounded shoulders and head bowed. I asked her why she thought this particular child was bullying her. I explained the cause is often jealousy. Suddenly Maria raised her head “Well I think I am cleverer than her and she's always trying to take my friends so maybe that's another cause” she replied “She's also probably jealous of your looks” I added. Already Maria's posture was more upright and she was smiling. We talked about body language and how if you walk into school feeling like a bird with a broken wing the “lions“ will pray on you. Maria was a ballet dancer so I suggested the next day she went in to school rehearsing a dance routine in her head. This would give her a completely different demeanour.
I gave Maria some strategies to mentally cut herself off from the girl who was tormenting her and shrink her in her thoughts so she would no longer dream about her.

Maria and her Mum returned the following week to say the bullying had stopped.

Case history 4, lack of confidence - DAVID'S STORY

David age 16 was bought to see me by his Mum because she was concerned about his extreme lack of confidence. What came out of the 1st session was about to change his life. David talked emotionally about how much he hated school. "I just find everything so hard" he said. After much questioning and listening carefully to his answers I strongly suspected that David was dyspraxic. His parents were a bit sceptical as it had never been suggested at school. When tested he was found to be quite severely dyspraxic. Now he is allowed extra time in exams,and has learnt to touch type so can do all his work on a laptop. His confidence and self belief have soared.So have his results!

Case history 5, Exam worries - SIMON'S STORY

Simon age 10 was having panic attacks while studying, he was obsessed about failing his eleven plus. His mind went blank every time he attempted just a practice paper. He was feeling desperate.

After 2 sessions his mum wrote :
The best 2 hours of "revision" were with you. He did all the exercises you taught him and stayed totally calm.
Many thanks for the vital role you played.

Simon passed his exam with flying colours. "I kept calm and coolheaded with your methods" he said "and am very proud of myself".

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