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75% of the children I see are being bullied.

Bullying can be enormously painful but I can help children and their parents to deal with it successfully, often with quite simple techniques.

A bully is someone who hurts persecutes or intimidates people they see as weaker than themselves.

Joe Calzaghe the boxer was badly bullied at school. It's good for children to realise that it can happen to "cool" people and is not a sign of weakness.

Signs for parents to look for:

  • Reluctance to go to school, nightmares
  • bedwetting
  • flying off the handle for no apparent reason
  • uncharacteristic bad language
  • verbalising feelings of unworthiness
  • despair and hopelessness
  • excessive picking on siblings
  • possessions going missing
  • unexplained torn clothing or bruising

  • I can help parents and children with practical advice and support. From my experience there are many things that you can do:
  • Parents must go in to school with evidence they have logged
  • Ask what steps have been taken to deal with the bullying and ask to see the schools' bullying policy
  • Ask about mentoring
  • Don't accept statements like: "We don't have bullying here." "there's nothing we can do." Your child is just oversensitive." "Your child can't be being bullied. If he was we'd know about it".

  • A bully is usually a troubled child and should be given support from the school. Exclusion is not a simple solution to the problem. Some children think it's quite fun to be excluded especially if their parents work and it means they can do what they like all day.

    A child can join clubs to keep out of the playground for a while, keep in company of others. Friends can observe changes in behaviour or body language, and can helpfully alert teachers or parents.

    It is important to seek outside help if your child is very reluctant to go to school, expressing feelings of unworthiness or sleeping badly, and you are getting no support from the school.

    The development of cyberbullying is a worrying recent trend. Some tips here are:
  • never respond online.
  • save everything.
  • parents should block the bully as a contact
  • Oversee what your child is doing on line

  • Useful websites are:
    Beatbullying (they will provide your child with a mentor if he or she is being bullied on line)

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